SGBL participates in Hoops sports club’s annual dinner

The “Hoops” sports club organized his first annual dinner on February 3rd 2011, at the Crown Plaza Hotel, with the aim of encouraging the men’s basketball team, and thanking sponsors for their support, especially SGBL – the club’s official sponsor– and CEO Mr. Antoun Sehnaoui who was present at the dinner that evening.

The club’s president, Mr. Jassem Kanso, underlined in his speech that “Hoops” is a dream that has become became reality in the sports’ world, through the schools and academies it watches to develop and to support in numerous sports fields. Mr. Kanso thanked warmly SGBL, declaring: “(…) without the support of SGBL and its president Antoun Sehnaoui, the club would never have arrived at this stage of the competition”. “A precious support for the basketball’s interest and for sports in general, particularly in this difficult period we are crossing” he finally ended.

At the end of the ceremony, and after the distribution of the different prizes, Mr. Kanso and Mr. Sehanoui cut the traditional cake to celebrate the event.