SGBL celebrates the “Francophonie day” and commits itself towards Lebanese youth

SGBL celebrated the international “Francophonie” day during the « Jeunesse en fête » event, in partnership with the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), on Monday March 21st, at Unesco Palace.

The French-speaking Lebanese youth were present that day with numerous activities dedicated to them, particularly debates on the “francophonie” as well as a fund raising for the benefit of the “Oum el Nour” association of fight against drugs.

SGBL, an active solidarity sponsor, conceived on this occasion a special contest with general knowledge questions and a mini-dictation. With every filled game form, every participant contributed to help the “Oum el Nour”association. More than 200 people visited SGBL’s stand that was specially conceived for this event, and participated in the game with much enthusiasm.

A draw further designated 12 lucky winners who won arm radios offered by SGBL. Finally, a check of a total amount of 1,000$ was handed by SGBL to “Oum el Nour” as a gesture of united contribution to its action.

The day ended with a balloon release and an evening of Francophone songs offered by the USEK choir.

This event crowned a “Francophonie” month rich in festivities, allowing SGBL to actively celebrate French language and to commit itself towards Lebanese youth.